Our quality is no secret

The MILCAFEA plant in Rathenow only produces high-quality products. The finest ingredients, latest production methods and a certified quality management system make sure of this. Our quality management process involves regular checks and technical analysis. And, last but not least, our experts’ extensive experience and trained senses. After all, flavour is measured with the senses.


How do we make our quality coffees? It’s simple: all you have to do is give your best at every step of production. Our drinks are based around instant coffee. We make it by carefully processing selected green coffee varieties. Over the decades, we have perfected every step of the production process. Checks and analyses throughout the process ensure guaranteed quality and flavour.

Quality management

Reliable quality is key to a product range’s success. That’s why we monitor all our products systematically in line with global standards. We purchase our raw materials straight from the producers, whom we’ve worked with for decades. We compare and contrast our regular lab samples with sensory tests. You can rely on our sensory experts.

Certified quality

MILCAFEA offers customers the utmost assurance that we always deliver the finest goods. That’s why our products and processes are certified in accordance with the International Food Standard (IFS) and the requirements of the BRC Global Standards.

Our controllers ensure the required quality standards for these strict certifications are met at every step of the production process. All products are appraised by trained and skilled sensory experts, who can examine even the slightest note in detail. At every tasting, they examine our wide range of coffees, instant coffee drinks, drinking chocolates, grain beverages and chai lattes for purity, body, acidity and aroma. They make the final judgement on its quality. We also use physical, chemical and microbiological testing to tangibly measure our products’ quality.

Sustainability is our philosophy

As a global manufacturer, at MILCAFEA, we’re aware of our responsibility to mankind and the environment. That’s why we don’t wait for new regulations. We take steps today to implement what we hope will be the standards of tomorrow. That’s why we are constantly reducing the environmental impact of our packaging. Taking steps now to reduce energy consumption in line with legislative targets for the future, MILCAFEA has set up an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011. We also use sustainably grown raw materials and are members of Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

Ear4U-Complaints procedure:

Together for a sustainable and better future for the coffee industry

Moving more together and collectively making a difference: The protection of human rights and the environment in the coffee supply chain are close to our hearts. That is why we have joined forces with other companies in the coffee sector under the umbrella of the German Coffee Association. Our common goal is to improve the sustainability of the coffee supply chain and to fulfil our due diligence obligations in accordance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz). With this goal in mind, the joint complaint procedure Ear4U was launched. Ear4U can be reached via online form, hotline and free app. Clear and comprehensible: Further information about the procedure can be found on the website www.ear4u.org.

Sustainable growing

Sustainably grown coffee is grown on plantations in mixed cultivations that ensure a pleasant climate and better soil. This type of cultivation saves water and increases the yield from harvests. Our coffee is hand-picked. This guarantees that only ripe coffee berries are selected and processed. Fair trade with coffee ensures that small growers can earn a living from growing coffee even when prices are fluctuating on the global market. Growers come together in cooperatives which offer them clear benefits. This makes it even easier to enjoy our coffee.

Our products’ quality comes signed, sealed and delivered.

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