Huge variety – high quality

Instant coffees are the basis for our speciality coffees. They are produced using spray-drying or agglomeration processes, with or without caffeine, depending on customer specifications. We also offer instant grain beverages, cocoa drinks and chai lattes.

Cappuccino and more – instant coffee drinks

A fine crema, light foam and balanced coffee notes – that’s what makes MILCAFEA’s instant coffee drinks stand out. You can prepare every speciality in seconds.

Grain and chicory drinks – great flavour goes down smoothly

Our instant plant-based hot drinks are caffeine-free. Malt, roasted grains or nutritious chicory root are used as ingredients.

Drinking chocolate – delicious flavour for the whole family

In MILCAFEA’s drinking chocolate, carefully selected quality raw materials are a must. This applies to the cocoa beans as well as the quality milk.

We can do everything. Except boring.

Manufacturing processes

High-quality drinks are created with care, expertise, and the best basic products. See for yourself.

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Whether it’s a classic coffee or a chai latte, all our products have one thing in common – great quality.

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MILCAFEA specialises in producing high-quality drinks for the CAFEA Group.

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