Creating classic coffees

Our instant coffee is produced in a complex manufacturing process. The product undergoes strict quality controls in this process. Drying is the most important stage of manufacturing. MILCAFEA specialises in two different processes:

1. Spray-drying

Coffee concentrate is sprayed in a warm jet of air to produce fine coffee powder.

2. Agglomeration

Agglomeration combines fine coffee particles into easily soluble granules.

We make more out of instant coffee

MILCAFEA is constantly coming up with new speciality products based on instant coffees. The coffees are enhanced with milk or chocolate to make drinking chocolate, Viennese Melange, different varieties of cappuccino and other popular blended coffee-based milk drinks.

Fresh and designed to suit you. The right packaging – every time.

MILCAFEA offers a wide range of packaging options perfectly designed to suit their contents. Whether it’s a can, bag or box, or a brand-new concept: here, retailers can put together their bestsellers in a variety of sizes and formats. All designed for success.

We don’t just make coffee. We produce best-selling products.


MILCAFEA specialises in producing high-quality drinks for the CAFEA Group.

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Whether it’s a classic coffee or a chai latte, all our products have one thing in common – great quality.

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Even the latest technology would be nothing without the people who operate it. Find out about career opportunities with us.

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