Produced in Rathenow. Popular worldwide

MILCAFEA produces high-quality instant coffee and cocoa drinks for the CAFEA Group, including cappuccino, iced coffee and Viennese Melange. You’ll also find drinking chocolate, grain beverages, chai lattes and new innovations in our range. We offer flexibility in production – and no compromises on quality.


Sustainability for everyone

MILCAFEA stands for sustainability and fair cooperation. 

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Individual packaging as requested

Small, large or medium. Glass, bag, can, folding box: MILCAFEA produces your product packaging at the same time, if required.

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Installation of a new air conditioning system

Installation of a new air conditioning system subsidized by the EU.

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Our quality is no secret

The MILCAFEA plant in Rathenow only produces high-quality products. The finest ingredients, latest production methods and a certified quality management system make sure of this.

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different products

This product range has something for everyone. MILCAFEA is capable of producing around 350 different products – so we can cater to every customer request. There are 140 different recipes and eight handy packaging types to choose from. With this unparalleled variety, the possibilities for new and successful retail brands are virtually endless.

skilled staff

MILCAFEA currently has 160 employees, ranging from office administrators to food technicians. They make sure we’re capable of swiftly responding to even large-scale and last-minute requests. And to keep our employees on board, we offer every single one of them optimum working conditions in line with the latest standards.

12.2 Billion
litres of coffee

Over 12 billion litres of coffee are consumed in Germany each year. This is almost the equivalent of the Ennepetalsperre reservoir in the south-eastern Ruhr valley. The millions of people who enjoy MILCAFEA drinks have done their bit – or should we say ‘drunk their bit’ – to rack up this impressive number, consuming around 150 litres per head.

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